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Thanks for all the support and encouragement to continue this story. My contribution to the Yinathon:

Title: Grace
Pairing: Oz/Xander
Overall Rating: naughty to naughtier, I'd say.
Warnings: none, really. Post-Chosen, no planned mention of AtS season 5
Chapters 1-14: here
Gently beta'd by [ profile] moosesal, but any and all mistakes are my own. And of course, no profit to be found here either.

A brief review of where we left off: Oz just confronted the person who broke into his house (and disturbed the post-coital glow), turning part-wolf to do it. Xander is worried. Paddy is at school.

Chapter 15 )
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It's true, here is the next part of Grace. Got bogged down with freelancing over the weekend, sorry for the delay.

Title: Grace
Pairing: Oz/Xander
Rating: this chapter, R for violence & language.
Warnings: none, really. Post-Chosen, no planned mention of AtS season 5
Chapters 1-13: here
Not beta'd, any and all mistakes are my own. And of course, no profit to be found here either.

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I know, some of you fell off your chairs when you read the subject line. But I never intended to give up on this fic, I just had RL issues over the summer and then, well, I couldn't seem to get past this chapter. I've rewritten it a bunch of times, tweaked it, thesaurased it, researched it by reading bad gay erotica, avoided it, and then avoided it some more. But I saw [ profile] entrenous88 a few days ago and she gave me some good advice; just post it and move on. I already have chapters 14 & 15 written, hopefully they'll be up over the weekend. In the meantime, this chapter is purely smut, and not very good smut at that but I've given up. No plot whatsoever in this part, really.

Title: Grace
Pairing: Oz/Xander
Rating: this chapter, hard R or maybe NC-17, who knows. There is something resembling sex.
Warnings: none, really. Post-Chosen, no planned mention of AtS season 5
Chapters 1-12: here
ETA: not beta'ed. Many thanks to [ profile] moosesal, [ profile] entrenous88 and [ profile] rubywisp for their relentless encouragement. *smooch*

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No, I'm not talking about me paying my bills this morning, I'm talking about a new chapter of Grace. For anyone still remotely interested in the story (previous parts here), my deepest apologies for the long wait. As additional reassurance, I offer you the fact that the next part is well on its way has lots of smut. Wheee!

Quickly, in other news I got a fabulous care-package from my good friend [ profile] moosesal, who sent chocolate and QaF. She is much adored.

*beams happily at the healing power of brownies*

Grace, part 12: Xander couldn't help the surge of resentment that went through him. Not directed at anyone in particular, of course, because god knows he learned a long time ago not to blame people for the ever-present supernatural goings-on that followed him like the plague. )
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Okay, fyi, there's a lot of introspection and rumination in this part, not so much of the hot sex. Sigh. I have too much plot. MY PLOT IZ PASTEDE ON YAY! Be grateful if you've no idea what I'm talking about, it's quite asinine. Hysterical, but ridiculous.

Anyway, just wanted to give the warning, as things look up, and then maybe not so much.

Grace, Oz/Xander part 11

It was chilly, and Xander tugged his jacket closer around his neck. Sometimes he had the stupidest ideas, and this was a perfect example. )
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Despite my incredibly crappy mood (which has nothing to do with anyone on LJ, as I adore all my friends) I present to you, finally, the next installment of Grace. R for language, slight angst warning for this chapter. Thanks to everyone who's been reading...hope it was worth the wait. =)

Previous parts here.

Grace, Oz/Xander part 10
He hated mirrors, and intentionally didn't have any in his apartment. This medicine cabinet reflected back lines of loss and anger embossed in skin too tired to resist, and they made his own face look like a stranger's. )
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In which there is some smut, although it's still pretty minor. I guess R, but perhaps NC-17. Once there's porn I fail to see much of a difference, frankly. *grin*
Previous parts here.

Grace, Oz/Xander part 9. Wherein Xander finally gets some. Barely. )
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So I went out tonight and drank/played pool for like, 6 hours, something I haven't done in a long while. It was fun. And now I'm home and ready to finally post a new chapter of Grace. Scary. I had some trouble wrangling this part, I had places I wanted it to go, and it just wouldn't cooperate (actually, the boys would not cooperate, but I don't want any bad press to get back to them). So the slow boat to China continues floating onwards. Slowly. =)

Previous parts here. Still not NC-17. Patience!

:: points at slow boat ::

Grace, Oz/Xander part 8 )
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I am reposting after deleting the previous post because LJ was being very asshattish. Deepest apologies to anyone caught up in the craziness that was the last 15 minutes here.

So, I was involved in this really cool project last year. And I've been nominated for an award for it! I'm excited. If you want to take a look, it's an online publication of student pieces (both art & written) from the College where I work. Check out Nota Bene.

And here's some new Grace. This is a shorter chapter than usual, but hey, that's the way it turned out. Still no smut, sorry. I think it'll happen, but Oz and Xander are taking their own sweet time, that's for sure, and as always there must be roadblocks, etc etc. Previous chapters can be found here. Thanks to all those who continue to read and leave feedback, it's much appreciated!

Grace part 7 )
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Well, I wrote despite my reluctance. I think I only count three official 'bad fic words' in this installment, and none of them are cold dead seed so hopefully no-one will run screaming. *grin* Again, rated R, post-Chosen, with no mention of AtS 5 expected. Previous parts can be found here.

Grace part 6, Oz/Xander )
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I finally named this story Grace. It needed a simple title, Oz wouldn't let me do anything else. Previous parts can be found here.

Hope you enjoy! And do please comment/leave feedback, it's great to know people are reading.

Grace part 5, Oz/Xander, R )
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This story remains untitled, but I think I have an idea of what to call it. Hopefully it will be named within the next few installments. Still no need for much of a rating either, R for language I guess, but it appears to be headed into eventual smut territory. As stated before, I'll be sure to note when that happens so those of you (anyone?) sensitive to NC-17 material are forewarned.

Thanks again to [ profile] entrenous88 for her generous pimpage of this story!

Previous chapters can be found here.

untitled Oz/Xander part 4 )
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Boy, this is my third post today. You people must be sick of me. But I have you now, my pretties! Bwahahahahaha!

Ok, it's late and I'm tired. I'll shut up and just proceed with things.
part 3 of my Xandoz epic-in-the-making. )
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I had kind of a crappy day. Still jetlagged beyond belief (shouldn't I be over that by now??), painfully reminded once more that a close friend and I at work are no longer actually close, and quite positive that I'll be alone forever.

Of course, that hopefully is not true, but you know how some days every little thing brings home the fact that you're alone? This was one of those days for me. Bleh. I just want everyone to love me and despair. Oh, and an icon would be nice too. Is that so wrong?

In conclusion, instead of being productive and doing my graphic design project that's due tomorrow which I will never complete in time, I wrote more Xandoz. Again with the weird.

untitled Oz/Xander part 2 )


Mar. 8th, 2004 06:57 pm
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On my drive home from work tonight my brain started writing a story. The pairing is Oz/Xander, which is extremely odd, and I think inspired by my Angstathon assignment which also involves Oz, a character I've never written before. But the muse will not be ignored even though I tried to interrupt and demand vampires, so on with the show.

I have no name for this yet, and honestly I'm not sure if it will degenerate into smut, or stay more of a friendship thing. Basically it's sometime past 'Chosen', at this point I have no plans to mention anything from the current season of Angel.

Oz/Xander story, part 1 )
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