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I've been storing up lots more links since my last rec post in late September. I can't give you everything because...well, it would be too much! But I've picked out some winners for your reading pleasure. There might be a couple of fandom classics in here, but since I don't find fics that way, I wouldn't know. Hopefully at least a few will be new to you.

Please keep in mind that I am not what I would call a high-brow fanfic reader. Sometimes I enjoy stories that don't have the best writing, or perfect spelling, because they hit a chord with me, push a kink button, or have a particularly interesting plot idea. I try to comment on those recs specifically, indicating potential drawbacks, so you know if I'm offering one up that may have topical, grammatical, or other issues.

All His Saints by sentissima; 13,433 words, Harry/Draco. Post-war, Harry is rather lost and broken. Of all the people to appear on his doorstep, clean up the old takeaway containers, and force him to start living again, he would not have picked Malfoy. There is some vicious, angry humor in this story that I absolutely loved, as well as some deep emotion regarding Harry's guilt over choices he made during the final days of fighting.

The Dreaming Spires by dementordelta; 30,381 words, Harry/Snape. DementorDelta turns out consistently excellent fic, and this story is no exception. Snape is living as a Muggle professor post-War. I can't tell you more without spoiling the plot, but as a's his grief at thinking Harry is dead (when he most certainly is not) that propels Snape into these circumstances. Very clever and well-written.

Even Lovers Drown by hijja; 1,942, Harry/Lucius. Harry had to seduce Lucius to garner his he's dying on the battlefield and has to face a very angry Malfoy. The premise sounds trite, but it's a short story that packs a real punch. From Draco's POV. I encourage you to give it a shot even if character death is usually not your cup of tea.

Acts Infernal by sam vines, 35,092 words, pairing is...hard to pin down, if there is one. It's really more of a fantasy, plot-driven story, and it's one of the most interesting fics I've ever read...the basic premise is that Harry travels to Hades to rescue Sirius. There is a lot of really cool imagery, incredible mythological details, even the narration is unique. Points of view from the past, from the underworld, and a great characterization of Tom Riddle add to the fun. Last but not least, Draco defies Satan. This one is NOT to be missed.

Never Morning Wore by blue moony; 29,474 words, no pairing. This is a sad story, I'll warn you up front, but it's also beautiful and in its own way, uplifting. Ron is drifting after Hermione dies--envious of Harry, angry at still being alive. When he discovers Harry and Remus are working on bringing Sirius back from beyond the Veil, he finds a way to make his empty life worth something. Rich in detail and heavy with emotion. Perhaps you'll want to have a tissue handy, but it's a great read.

Prejudice by ria; 24,512 words, gen with implied Harry/Snape. A fairly short, intense and imaginative snapshot of what happens when a few Slytherins unexpectedly decide not to follow Voldemort after all. They don't get a lot of support from other Houses, but Slytherins aren't known for giving up. Some dark moments, but a powerful testament to how "good" people can still be bigots, and "bad" people can redeem themselves.

Salvation by isis, 22,494 words, Draco/Snape. As Voldemort gains power, he's looking to bring new blood into the fold. Snape sees bringing Draco to the side of the light instead as a personal challenge, as well as a way to discharge a lifedebt. Draco, of course, doesn't make it easy. Some fascinating conversations on the nature of family and loyalty, plus a bit of hot, realistic sex.

What You Do With Your Life, A.H.K.B.C.B. (After the Hero Kills the Batshit Crazy Bastard) by oldenuf2nobetter; 41,170 words, Harry/Draco. A fluffy, romantic post-War story in which Narcissa & Pansy Parkinson play great side roles, gay jealousy abounds, and there is a happy ending. Very nicely put together fic, with some fun bits of humor too.

Things That Change by ociwen/eutychides; @90,000 words, Harry/Draco. Link is to final part posting, which provides links to all the other parts. Amazing, harsh, sometimes ugly and unforviging story. Draco thinks he's the last one of his line, so he gets himself a mangina and seduces harry potter. Harry finds out, takes him in, and they end up having 3 more kids and a life together. Lots of mpreg & blood, boygirl sex...this fic is somewhat discomfitting to read, but powerful in its real-ness. Love isn't always pretty.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by november snowflake; 55,389 words, Harry/Draco. Post Hogwarts, but in the midst of war. Draco is in hospital remembering nothing, Ron is in a coma, and Harry just wants answers. An amazing mystery as well as a surprising love story. Also a moving turn by Ginny, who is Draco's conflicted Healer. Gripping read.

Shattered by nym; no word count but it's a substantial fic, Harry/Snape. Don't be fooled by the link, this fic is finished, I guess the author just wanted to go back and edit at some point. An interesting take on the Boy Who Lived concept, where Neville actually kills the Dark Lord, and to keep Harry from dying, Snape links their life forces. Lots of hot, awkward sex, yay!!

Courtship Rituals by meri; 58,260 words, Harry/Snape. The Dark Lord orders Snape to formally court Harry Potter, using the traditional age-old wizarding ritual. Both parties are reluctant, but the process brings them together in an unexpected way. This is a common fic theme, but it's done particularly well here. I especially like when authors create believable details that aren't available in canon. Terrific story, where Snape stays true to himself, thank goodness.

Bad/Funny/OMG I Can't Believe They Wrote That Section:
What is it about the Harry/Draco that brings all the crazies to the yard?

Double Edged Sword by romaine; there are 101 chapters for a total of 566,952 words. *blink* I realize there is a lot of competition, but this fic may win for "Longest Badfic Written in the HP Fandom". Harry is The Phoenix, Draco is the White Dragon. Their mating is rare and legendary, blah blah blah. Check it out!

The Black Veela by aandune, 76,304 words, Harry/Draco. COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS, would actually use the term 'bad fic" for this one, but I found it really entertaining. There are Veela and elves and mates and bonding and mpreg and general silly mayhem. Read this when you can't take another dark story and need to giggle your head off at the cliches.

Special Gifts, also by oldenuf2nobetter; 134,964 words. I debated about whether to put this here or in the main recs section, but it is rather overwrought so I figured it qualified as slightly ridiculous. It's a neat premise though--Ron and Hermione have a little girl, Maggie. Ron dies in an Auror accident Hermione blames on Harry. That same accident makes Harry something of a seer...when Maggie develops similar talents at Hogwarts, Hermione doesn't want to let him anywhere near the little girl, but as an epic battle of good vs. evil (think Buffy's The First) develops, she doesn't have a choice. If you love Hermione, you'll have trouble with her characterization in this story. But the plot is nifty, and Maggie is reasonably well-written for an OFC. Give it a go if you're willing to overlook a few flaws.

I love Lucius, especially when he's written badly, on purpose (or not? who knows).

The Chronicles of Lucious by fyre; 25,526 words, gen/humor. Lucius has a diary, and when he writes in it, he sounds a lot like Bridget Jones. The trick does get old, I only read the first few chapters, but I had some absolutely belly-laugh-out-loud moments in the process.

note: you may have to create an account to read certain stories on the Hex Files website.

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