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2008-04-30 02:57 pm
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So, I actually wrote something today. I know, it's been a year and a half. Do not faint! [ profile] ladycat777 gave me the following SGA prompt: John being kind of sappy and love and hating himself for it and wanting to be nice to Rodney. What came out is a bit longer than a drabble, with no real plot or smut, but I gives it to you anyway! She said it was worthy of its own post (originally it was in comments); I am not so sure lol =)

John/Rodney SGA pre-season 4 fic thingy in here )
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2006-10-20 04:30 pm
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ficlet originally posted to [ profile] fall_for_sx, re-posted here for archiving purposes

Title: Moving Right Along
Author: aimeelicious
Rating: NC-17 for sex & language
Summary: A little post-Chosen Spike/Xander porn; wordcount 1,335.
Notes: Many thanks to the incomparable entrenous88 for the most valuable beta. Anything good here is a direct reflection of her influence, anything bad is mine alone. This will be cross-posted to my own journal just for memory/posterity purposes in a week or two.
Disclaimer: These guys don't belong to me. I am sad.

Spike shed his duster, leaving it on the floor, and threw his messy shirt into the corner. Kicked off his boots too, and took a header onto the bed closest to the door, only rolling over when he remembered he was missing his chance to watch Harris strip. Unfortunately, the star of that show was down to his jeans already, just like Spike, so the best part was over. )
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2006-04-17 04:06 pm
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Kilts & Killing Time, part 2

Title: Kilts & Killing Time (2/5)
Pairing: Oz/Xander
Rating: Adult
Summary: Past lives, warring clans in Scotland, forbidden kilt love, etc etc.
Warnings: Well, there might be char death of a sort. But not the kind you need to avoid the story for. Trust me here.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. Any of them.

prologue here
part 1 here

Kilts & Killing Time - part 2 )

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2006-03-14 02:34 pm
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(no subject)

Title: Kilts & Killing Time (1/5)
Pairing: Oz/Xander
Rating: Adult
Summary: Past lives, warring clans in Scotland, forbidden kilt love, etc etc.
Warnings: Well, there might be char death of a sort. But not the kind you need to avoid the story for. Trust me here.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. Any of them.

Prologue here

Kilts & Killing Time - part 1 )

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2006-03-13 12:22 pm
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Scottish Ficathon

Well. A month late and a dollar short, but here we go. The prologue for my Scottish Ficathon story--I have come to the conclusion, and you will too, that I am not a particularly good author. But I plow forward anyway!! Enjoy!

Title: Kilts & Killing Time - Prologue (.5/5)
Pairing: Oz/Xander
Rating: Adult
Summary: Past lives, warring clans in Scotland, forbidden kilt love, etc etc.
Warnings: Well, there might be char death of a sort. But not the kind you need to avoid the story for. Trust me here.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. Any of them.
[ profile] ladycat777 was kind enough to read this over for me before I posted. All errors will be mine.

Kilts & Killing Time )

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2005-07-11 11:22 am
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Schmangst-a-thon entry

Herein lies the first chapter of my two-days late entry for the SchmangstFicAthon. It will be three chapters total, all coming out today.

The request )

The (brief) fic notes )

Chapter I )

ETA: Chapter II is now up here.

ETA2: Chapter III is now up here.

Fic is complete. I have changed the title, but it's still the same story, just fyi. =)
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2005-07-05 10:12 am
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fic bit

This one's for [ profile] entrenous88, who asked for William, shortly after being turned, watching Angelus jerk off.

Toll )

ETA: I am trying to make all my fic posts public...not that I expect pimpage (!), but if you are ever so moved, it will be available to everyone. /psa
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2005-06-30 02:26 pm
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next fic bit

Next up, a fic bit for [ profile] paperk8, who requested Xander/Spike, sanguine or scurrilous.

Homework )
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2005-06-30 02:14 pm
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fic bit

First up, a fic bit for [ profile] eccentrici who requested Oz/Devon, indivisible.

Always )
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2005-05-13 11:20 pm
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Grace, chapter 15

Thanks for all the support and encouragement to continue this story. My contribution to the Yinathon:

Title: Grace
Pairing: Oz/Xander
Overall Rating: naughty to naughtier, I'd say.
Warnings: none, really. Post-Chosen, no planned mention of AtS season 5
Chapters 1-14: here
Gently beta'd by [ profile] moosesal, but any and all mistakes are my own. And of course, no profit to be found here either.

A brief review of where we left off: Oz just confronted the person who broke into his house (and disturbed the post-coital glow), turning part-wolf to do it. Xander is worried. Paddy is at school.

Chapter 15 )
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2005-05-01 10:13 pm
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Friendship ficathon entry

I wrote for [ profile] pepperlandgirl4. Her request was Spike and Wesley. Prompts included: Post-NFA, minor angst, The Hyperion, Wilco's Passenger Side (song). Please do NOT include: Buffy, pining over Buffy. I have to admit, I did not manage to include the Wilco lyrics. My sincere apologies, I do hope you're okay with how it worked out.

Title: Paranormal Physics
Pairing: Spike, Wesley as friends
Rating: NTP (no toddlers please)
Warnings: post-NFA
Summary: What Spike does after the big battle in the alley. More dialog & character stuff than plot. 1,966 words.

Spike lay on the narrow bed, staring up at the ceiling. It looked a lot like the one he'd stared at last week, and the week before that. Pretty much every room in this godforsaken hotel seemed to have the same flaking plaster and water stains, but he tried to think of moving every few days as entertainment. Of course, if he was honest with himself, he was really just waiting for Wesley to show up again. )
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2005-04-21 04:25 pm
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fic post

I don't think many people on my flist read due South fic, but I'm posting it publicly anyway, just in case. This was originally written for [ profile] moosesal's 30th birthday and posted in her surprise community [ profile] hetforum. She introduced me to the show and we watched DVDs this past weekend, so the whole Fraser/Kowalski pairing is on my mind, but as with any first story, I have probably hit a few cliches and/or OOC moments, and it's rather fluffy in the end. My apologies in advance.

Title: Right and Good
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Rating: whichever one means a twelve-year-old who isn't homophobic can read it
Spoilers: whole series, but nothing major
Warnings: off-screen injury
Status: Complete, but not beta'd.

Right and Good )

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2005-03-23 01:34 pm
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fic post, pre-Grace snippet

I owed [ profile] moosesal for writing me a pretty little bio, and her request was "I'd love to see a scene from Grace that is pre-Xander. Perhaps something with Oz's sister, her funeral, or something with Paddy in the weeks following the funeral. Or, on a lighter note, Oz at one of Paddy's soccer games." Here you go sweetie, hope you like it.
Goodbyes & Hellos (a pre-Grace fic snippet) )
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2005-03-21 07:07 pm
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fic post

I owe [ profile] dancetomato fic for writing me a bio. She requested make-up (not eyeliner, fighting) Spander. I'm quite certain this is not as angsty OR as porny as she wanted, but the muse goes where she wills and if I try to wrestle her for control she runs away. So here it is. More than a drabble, less than a full-blown fic.

Title: Patsy Cline vs. The Clash
Author: aimeelicious
Pairing: S/X
Rating: 17+ for an eensy bit of sex at the end
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none; set in a nebulous post-series time frame

clicky clicky )
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2005-03-17 11:07 am
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fic post

First, Happy Belated Birthday wishes to [ profile] kaygrr and [ profile] jackson_rayne!!! Sorry I missed the actual days but I neglected to check my birthday list. Bad Aimeelicious!

Second, [ profile] winterlive made an icon and I promised her a short bit of fic in return. So here it is, untitled and unbeta'd--just fyi, this is a Spike/Angelus deal, but not particularly dark. Please leave feedback.
I wasn't going to cut because I really want people to read, but it was too long NOT to cut. Click here dangnabit! )
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2005-01-25 08:56 pm
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more drabbles

Okay, here are the other two, for your reading pleasure. Yay, I got them all done in one day, it's a miracle!

for entrenous88, who requested Oz/Xander, late-night pancakes, minor chords )

for tabaqui, who requested Spike/Oz enjoying being not human and licorice whips )
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2005-01-25 05:00 pm
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I have three of five finished, so here is the first set of drabbles (of random lengths) from my earlier call. I should be posting the other two before bedtime!

for ladycat777, who requested Xander/Spike, dirty kink or Dawn schmoop )

for ngaio, who requested Gunn/Xander, pancakes and being regular guys )

for vampirefever, who requested Giles/Wesley, with arguing over a translation and UST )
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2005-01-14 04:08 pm
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So, randomly, I wrote an Orlando/Viggo RPS drabble. "Where did this come from", you say? "I have no idea", I reply. It might be kind of pretentious, with overblown language, but I'm putting it out there anyway.

There wasn't much motion, just a slow and powerful rocking. Yet Orlando felt as though Earth itself had turned on its axis, making time itch to continue and the universe bigger than ever. The weight of everything carried in his heart lifted and flew away with each stroke, like paper on the wind.

He knew if he opened his eyes, he would see Viggo's tan and stoic face above him, staring, daring him to stop this pretense. But in the darkness behind his lids, Orlando could paint the stars wherever he wanted them, and watch until they all burned out.