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2008-12-16 11:19 am
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HP fic recs

I've been storing up lots more links since my last rec post in late September. I can't give you everything because...well, it would be too much! But I've picked out some winners for your reading pleasure. There might be a couple of fandom classics in here, but since I don't find fics that way, I wouldn't know. Hopefully at least a few will be new to you.

Please keep in mind that I am not what I would call a high-brow fanfic reader. Sometimes I enjoy stories that don't have the best writing, or perfect spelling, because they hit a chord with me, push a kink button, or have a particularly interesting plot idea. I try to comment on those recs specifically, indicating potential drawbacks, so you know if I'm offering one up that may have topical, grammatical, or other issues.

all recs are under this cut, in no particular order, and story links open in a new window. enjoy! )