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Jun. 30th, 2005 02:14 pm
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First up, a fic bit for [ profile] eccentrici who requested Oz/Devon, indivisible.

Oz glanced in the rearview mirror. Devon was curled up next to his drum set sleeping, blissfully oblivious to the heat and the rattling of the van as its odometer rolled over 197,000 miles. It was amazing the thing kept running, but between the two of them they always managed to rev it up again. At some point it was going to need major work, but that could wait.

He hummed softly along with the quiet music on the stereo, feeling the damp sea breeze on his neck. It was good to be back near the ocean again after another long road trip. And this time there were no gigs, no fans, no memories and most importantly, no pack. Just him and Devon, together, indivisible, resting their weary minds and finding peace, if only for a few days.

A sleepy voice spoke up from the back.

"We there yet?"

"Soon, Dev. Half hour tops."

Devon crawled awkwardly into the passenger seat next to Oz and sighed contentedly as cooler air blew in the window and on his face.

"Thanks for driving man, after that last run I was beat."

Oz frowned. The run hadn't gone well, no question. Two wolves ended up fighting, snarling and biting and Devon had somehow ended up in the middle. It was the last place he should have been, and there were still angry red lines on his arms from the claws. Devon took his role as pack mediator far too seriously, Oz thought, and said as much.

"Should have stayed out of it, maybe," he stated, not sounding as neutral as he wanted to. Devon shot him a sideways look and grinned.

"Should have done exactly what I did, and you know it. You're the one who made me diplomat of the bunch, can't take it back now."

"Suppose I can't," agreed Oz, although he still felt a bit off about the whole thing. Zen could only do so much when your mate was hurt.

Devon's voice gentled. "I'm fine, just need a little time off to finish healing, that's all. Got you to take care of me, don't I?" He reached over to rest his hand briefly on Oz's thigh, and the warmth soaked in all the way in and up to his heart.

"Always," Oz replied. "Always."
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