Feb. 7th, 2005 01:06 am
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I have had a lovely time at [ profile] dancetomato's house this weekend. I will say more on this after I get home tomorrow and manage to sleep a little.

In the meantime, I have done some defriending. This was not a happy thing, and I actually *like* all the people I defriended! So why do it, you say? Well, someone I defriended asked me that, and this is what I said. "Hi--I've always enjoyed your fic and will continue to visit your journal, but we've never really interacted much and I have recently become kind of desperate to trim my friends list because I honestly can't keep up with it. So I defriended a slew of people and I think there might be a few more before it's over--all of whom I like but I just am unable to read everything. Hate to do it, being unfriended myself makes me feel pretty sucky, but I kind of have to. =( " Seriously, I have this policy of reading everyone on my friends list, I don't use filters and I like to comment as much as possible. But lately, I have been skimming more than reading, and feeling so overwhelmed but the amount of content on my list that I haven't commented, and this just isn't the way I want to handle my LJ. So I apologize to those who I had to defriend, but please know that I will still visit your journals and comment when I can.


Feb. 5th, 2005 11:47 pm
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I'm having some serious fun in Arlington with Moosey, DT, Entre, Lum, LC and Silver. Wheeee! There has been Thai food and Buffy and FUN FUN FUN!

In other news, I have done a slight cull of my friends list. Most people I defriended never post or didn't have me friended back anyway so hopefully you're all good with that. Let me know if not, okay?


Hope everyone is doing okay and having a great weekend!
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So as I stated earlier, I was lucky enough to snag [ profile] calixta9 for the big (and I mean big, last I looked, Circe's post for this had almost 1,000 comments!) friend-swapping thing. And it has been oodles of fun...see list below for details.

Stuff I learned from Calixta and her friends:
  • [ profile] quickquotes. How cool is that?
  • Calixta and I share a hatred distaste for misspelled & misused words that are alike, such as bear and bare. About the omnipresent prostrate vs. prostate she says, "You hurt me when you do this." Amen, sister.
  • lots of people are doing the 'how far' meme, where you calculate, in literal miles, how far you currently are from where you were born/grew up. I find it slightly disheartening that my miles are only in the double digits, but on the other hand, I'm not much like my mom anymore and sadly, that is a good thing.
  • omgwtf, Jen & Brad broke up? /singsong. Really, that's unfortunate. I actually thought they seemed kind of happy.
  • I will be visiting [ profile] hp_graphics for some icons once I'm back on my own pc and not borrowing a laptop from work. Such great images there, very talented iconers.
  • Story warnings that contain the words 'bondage' and 'graphic rimming' are shiny and easily capture my attention.
  • There is such a thing as Jerry Springer - The Opera. Cover your ears, kiddies.
  • Okay, so I thought Cali's friend's list was soooo long, except I took a good look at mine and OMG I've friended 97 people! (only 74 have friended back, but see next bullet for comment on that) For today's date, we both have skip=120 before we hit January 6th. No wonder I spend so much time on LJ. Doity doi.
  • We also share confusion/irritation about folks who friend back but then never read or comment. I mean, I admit there is something ego-satisfying about having a longer list of people who have friended me, but if a third of them don't really care, then what's the point?
  • I had a huge crush on Jared Leto when he was on My So-Called Life. I adored that show and him too (aimeelicious=cradle robber). Now Cali has re-introduced me (look at her layout OMG!) to the sheer hotness that is JL, and I think I might need to find some RPS starring him. Um, yeah.
  • I came across this really interesting post about gender assumptions, fandom and sexual identity online. It's an especially good read considering recent wankage.
  • There are very cool daily LJ digests of HP goings on in other LJs, including recs and art and other stuff. Do we have anything like that in the Jossverse?
  • Finally, two recs in the HP fandom. I did read a couple of scorching dark!fics, but I can't rec them in good conscience because wow, I think I might have burned my eyeballs reading them. Which makes no sense if they're dark, but I digress. Cali herself wrote a very hot ever-so-slightly BDSM Harry/Draco that may or may not have caused a spontaneous orgasm. It's called Denial. Also, I have to recommend another Harry/Draco, this one by [ profile] justabi. It's called Love Letters and the first installment can be found here. The rest of the chapters are in her memories, but I don't think it's complete yet. A compelling combination of art and fic that I've only ever seen in the QaF fandom.
There you have it...a most enlightening experience! I plan to keep [ profile] calixta9 on my friends list, and hope she was able to get something positive from mine. *hugs*


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