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Jul. 5th, 2005 10:12 am
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This one's for [ profile] entrenous88, who asked for William, shortly after being turned, watching Angelus jerk off.

William knew that Angelus must know that he was there. And just did not care, which was still rather unfathomable. Being a vampire was so strange and freeing, but he couldn't help feeling uncomfortable with all the sex and nudity that went on. Fortunately, no-one had yet asked him to participate. Given how often his Sire was in bed with Darla or Angelus or both, however, he assumed it wouldn't be long before that would be expected of him as well. It still didn't appear that he had many choices in life, despite no longer being human.

He watched silently as Angelus tugged his cock out of his breeches and began stroking it languidly, apparently in no hurry to reach completion. His own member began to respond, and William shivered with embarassment. He had always thought himself a fancier of young ladies, but in the few weeks since his turning, it seemed that sex, or even humanity, was no longer relevant. Anything sensual set him off, from the smell of Drusilla after a hunt, lush with blood and excitement, to the whisper of silk on his own skin. It was hopeless, really, and he'd been forced on several occasions to indulge in the act he was currently observing, just for relief.

This was not going to be one of those times, he swore to himself. He could watch without being drawn in, and indeed for a while, was successful in doing so, paying attention to Angelus' movements and reactions with relative detachment. But when the moans started, his own hard length throbbed with urgency and could no longer be ignored. There was something almost...vulnerable about Angelus like this, now with his head thrown back, eyes closed, hand pumping faster and faster, completely absorbed in his own pleasure. For once, William thought, Angelus truly was not paying attention to his surroundings and was instead focused only on sensation. The idea of it, of being able to get away with something, suddenly thrilled him and for a moment he wasn't sure if he wanted to pull out his own cock, or a stake.

In the end, it took only a few touches through his clothes to reach climax, just as Angelus arched his back and did the same. William shook with the effort of remaining quiet and still, to no avail.

"A show like that isn't free, boy," Angelus said after a few minutes, not looking at him. "Next time, you'll pay the toll to watch."

William felt the cool dampness of his release spreading, and nodded. He should have known that even in the throes of passion, Angelus was always aware, always omnipotent.

"Yes, sir," he said. It was just as he thought. No choice.

ETA: I am trying to make all my fic posts public...not that I expect pimpage (!), but if you are ever so moved, it will be available to everyone. /psa
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