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ficlet originally posted to [ profile] fall_for_sx, re-posted here for archiving purposes

Title: Moving Right Along
Author: aimeelicious
Rating: NC-17 for sex & language
Summary: A little post-Chosen Spike/Xander porn; wordcount 1,335.
Notes: Many thanks to the incomparable entrenous88 for the most valuable beta. Anything good here is a direct reflection of her influence, anything bad is mine alone. This will be cross-posted to my own journal just for memory/posterity purposes in a week or two.
Disclaimer: These guys don't belong to me. I am sad.

Spike shed his duster, leaving it on the floor, and threw his messy shirt into the corner. Kicked off his boots too, and took a header onto the bed closest to the door, only rolling over when he remembered he was missing his chance to watch Harris strip. Unfortunately, the star of that show was down to his jeans already, just like Spike, so the best part was over.

And then they were talking, or at least one of them was, about patrol and how it had gone fairly well that night, their first in Sacramento. But Spike was preoccupied; just murmuring at appropriate points when it was clear Harris wanted a response. Two double beds in this hotel room, like all the others they'd been in over the last few months. Cleaning up after a fucking apocalypse required a lot of travel, apparently. Spike was waiting for a freak out the first time they'd have to share sleeping accommodations, but no such luck yet. Everywhere they went there were plenty of rooms available. And that sucked, because he was horny, keyed up from hunting, and his Council-appointed partner was not following the sex-after-fighting agenda anywhere near fast enough. Or at all, damn it. Spike could only hope a heated argument over one bed might move things along a bit.

He shifted uncomfortably, the cadence of Harris's voice making him harder by the minute. It was low and kind of rumbly, and if he ignored the actual words he could almost pretend it sounded like a come-on. There were other good uses for that mouth he could think of, and the idea of sticking his cock past those lips made him press his hips back into the mattress and groan a little. Out loud.

"Spike? You okay over there?"

No. He was practically wanking already instead of waiting for Harris to fall asleep...better to pretend like he had passed out and hope that settled it. But Spike could see Xander raising himself up on one elbow to squint in his general direction.

"Hello, I know you're not sleeping. What's the matter?" Persistent bastard.

"I'm laying here thinking about sex, Harris. Shut up and stop distracting me," he said, sounding testier than he really felt.

"Sex?" said Xander weakly.

Spike didn't say another word, waiting for the inevitable follow-up questions, but there weren't any. He looked at Xander, who had flopped back down on his back, possibly in shock, and figured, fuck it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, he was taking a shot at getting a leg over. Leaving his jeans behind him as he went, Spike crossed the three feet separating them and climbed quickly onto Xander's bed, hovering naked over him on all fours.

"If you don't want to have sex with me, you'd better speak up now," he said, not entirely sure he would let Xander get away regardless. Seemed like he ought to offer the option though. And still there was no response, only a hitched breath and slightly wild eyes indicating that there were two of them having this conversation. So he bent his head and kissed Xander's cheek, and then his mouth, a few light kisses to test the waters, but Xander didn't react. Shit. Spike was just about to say something sarcastic before trying another approach, because he was nothing if not determined, when the man beneath him suddenly came alive. It was like going from zero to sixty in a brand new Desoto.

Strong arms pulled him flush against Xander's warm body, and hands tangled in his hair as Xander strained upward to meet him in a kiss. Spike felt like he could drown in it, all that heat and the wet, rasping noises as Xander broke off to lick long stripes along Spike's neck. A moan came from inside him somewhere, and Spike could feel himself rocking into Harris' cock, which was just as hard as his own. What a fucking relief that was. They rolled together until Xander's weight was fully resting on him and Spike loved it, growling a little as he bucked up and Xander held him down. Wasn't like he couldn't push the fucker off, but he had no intention of doing that when he was maybe going to get what he wanted out of this deal.

Xander pinched his side, hard. "Pay attention, Spike. No idea what the hell this is about, but I guess I'm game if you are. Just no biting; got it?"

Spike nodded. He would agree to just about anything right this second, not that he was about to say so.

"Got it, Harris. Xander. Harris."

Xander sighed. "Call me Xander. I think we're about to get personal here."

With that they were flying again. God, Spike had wanted this for weeks. It felt even better than he'd imagined it might, and somehow his desire had morphed from getting his own kit off to getting, Xander, off. Had to taste him, had to right now. He pushed Xander back and slithered down his body, licking and nipping until he got to the boxers in his way.

"Damndamndamn," he muttered, tugging on them until Xander got the message and lifted his hips to help. Once the clothes were gone, Spike couldn't wait another second and took Xander's cock in, opening all the way up and swallowing around it. Xander slammed his hands down on the bed and arched his back.

"Fuck Spike, so fucking good and cold and fuck..."

The words were just a buzz in Spike's ears, because this was all instinct, make him feel good, making him feel good, all that mattered. He knew Xander was close already and it was going to be over almost before it started, but he kept sucking, holding Xander's ass and taking everything he could, until the cock in his mouth moved and Xander came with a hoarse cry. Spike drank him dry, feeling greedy at his first taste of human anything in what seemed like forever. It wasn't blood, but it was almost as good, especially when it was freely given. Damn soul. His own prick ached, but he stayed where he was, resting his head in the curve of Xander's hip.

Xander patted him on the shoulder awkwardly, then tugged. "Come 'ere," he said, and Spike moved, raising himself up again and meeting Xander's gaze.

"Don't really know," started Xander, and Spike interrupted.

"Just do it like you would yourself," he stated, barely getting the last word out as Xander's hot hand gripped him and started jacking him slowly but surely.

"Perfect, that's perfect," and Spike looked down between them, couldn't take his eyes off it, the sight of Xander jerking him off, until Xander started kissing him too. That's when it was all over; he felt his balls tighten and his whole body shook as he came and came until there was nothing left, eyes closed and arms trembling.

As soon as he could move, Spike pulled back and started to swing off the bed, but Xander frowned and yanked him back.

"Just let me clean up a little here and then we sleep," he declared, using tissues from the nightstand to wipe his stomach, and after a moment's hesitation, Spike's too. "Go on, lay down. Bed's big enough for both of us, although we really should get switch to a room with a king-size if this is going to happen again. Hey, you're not going to freak out, are you? Because if anyone is going to, it really should be me. Except I feel oddly fine."

Spike shook his head. Apparently the only thing that shut Xander up was sex. Good to know for future reference, although he refused to dwell on how easy it already was to call Harris by his first name. He punched the pillow not already occupied and settled in. No cuddling, thank fuck, but their hands were knit together loosely, and it felt...nice. With Xander still murmuring in the background, Spike let the darkness around him sink in until he slept.

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From: [identity profile]
Loved this bit: Hey, you're not going to freak out, are you? Because if anyone is going to, it really should be me. Except I feel oddly fine."


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